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Prediction of Performance under uncertainty by Water Treatment Plants: A MCDM-ANN Approach

Sudipa Choudhury, Mrinmoy Majumder, Apu Kumar Saha


The Water Treatment Plants (WTP) ascertains supply of potable water for consumption in different types of industrial, agricultural and domestic units. The functionality of WTP is responsible for sustaining the condition of public health specifically for urban based units. It indicates that all the methods assign equal importance to each of the variables. That’s why procedures lack the ability to adapt with situations. In this aspect, the present investigation utilized MCDM and ANN in a cascaded framework to assess the plant performance based on Removal Efficiency, Energy Required, Operation and Maintenance Cost and Impact on Environment.The current research is an endeavour to implement the factors in amalgamation so that an extensive envision of the plant performance can be concluded. The new method is used to estimate the performance of WTP under 20 likely and unlikely scenarios. Model results were compared with the evaluation results from "Removal Efficiency" method and were found to have sufficient coherency.

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