On High Temperature Materials: Basic Deformation and Fracture Maps of AISI 310S Stainless Steel Sheet Taken from Production Runs of Salem Steel Plant (Steel Authority of India Limited, Ministry of Steel, Government of India) by Solving Various Equations Describing Different Mechanisms via Turbo C++ Language (Computer Software Programming)

Dr. A. Kanni Raj


This research article models creep deformation and fracture of AISI 310S alloy. A programme coded in Turbo C++ is used to plot deformation maps and fracture maps. It is inferred that in all test temperatures (973K, 1023K and 1073K) and all applied stresses (40-150MPa), power-law creep due to dislocation climb is operating mechanism of creep deformation. In these test temperatures and applied loads, formation of voids and cracks at grain boundary, and leading to inter-granular creep fracture is evident. Metallographs prove these predictions.

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