Airflow Directed Acyclic Graph

Ms. Shubha B G, Mr. A.M.Prasad


The paper “Airflow Dags” is based on the generation of directed acyclic graphs during the creation of profiles and roles in the Enterprise management software. Profiles are facilities that are provided to the clients in organization, they are seen in the configuration view of enterprise software. Roles are the permissions and the access that is given to a client. Automation is necessary to make repetitive and difficult procedures simpler. In this case the automation is done so that the onboarding of new clients in organization is done in an easier way. Previously this was done manually which was time consuming, the development of this project has made the process simpler. It parses the data from the pod directory json file to generate client list, pod configurations. These are then stored in a config which is made for each of the pods. The details are then taken from this repository as the details cannot be hard coded into the code. This makes the program seem more discrete.The project work recorded below shows the implementation using an open source software called airflow which is used to generate directed acyclic graph.

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