Design of low cost 5GHz Stacked Microstrip Patch Antenna for Broadband WLAN

Chandrahasa R. Salian, Santhosh B, Sandeep Vedagarbham


One of the generally looked into range in communication field is wireless communications. The utilizations, applications and operation of various antennas must be known in investigation of wireless communications. Antennas equipped for keeping up superior over a wide range of frequencies, having light weight, minimized and modest are favored. Microstrip fix antennas are one of the antennas that satisfy the previously mentioned criteria. Henceforth in this paper the plan of a Microstrip patch antenna as a stacked antenna is produced for 5 GHz band to expand the exhibitions, for example, bandwidth, pick up and directivity. The Microstrip fix antenna has been outlined utilizing IE3D programming which is an commercially accessible electromagnetic simulator.

These microstrip antennas can be used for networking of routers / access points to obtain a private network. A password can be used to protect the network from being hacked or corrupted. These routers can be connected in bridge or repeater mode to enhance the coverage area. The throughput of 5GHz is much higher as compared to a 2.5GHz with a compromise in Beamwidth though.

Keywords—Microstrip patch antenna, stacked antenna, bandwidth, gain, IE3D.

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