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Modeling and Simulation of Five-Phase Induction Motor Fed With Pulse Width Modulated Five-Phase Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter Topologies

Candidus. U. Eya, Gerald. C. Diyoke


This paper presents modelling and simulation of five-phase induction motor fed with pulse width modulated five-phase multilevel voltage source inverter. The conventional and diode clamped multilevel five-phase inverter configurations are reviewed with pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques. A hybrid three-level inverter topology with less number of components count is proposed for five-phase induction motor drive. The dynamic analysis of five-phase voltage equations in d-q axis of the induction motor are stated and modelled using
Matlab/Simulink/Simscape blocks. The simulation results based on conventional and threelevel five-phase inverters are displayed while the hybrid inverter topology showed some better performance based on the following: : at 0.0127secs maximum torque of 34.54Nm occurred, maximum stator current occurred for 0.18secs with a value of 10A, 9.99% total harmonic distortion was obtained and 15KW power rating was obtained.

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