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Treatment of Wastewater by Effluent Treatment Plant

Mr. Aditya Agrawal, Mr. Jayesh Shrivastav


Several rivers basins are closed due to the excessive growth in the agricultural area, semi urbanization as well as in the industrialization. The performance of wastewater treatment plants for the treatment of small waste also does not meet the required standards. For example, wastewater from wastewater treatment plants, which are often unsuitable for domestic use and reuse of wastewater, are mostly limited to agricultural and industrial uses. The development of innovative technologies for the treatment of wastewater from various industries is a worrying problem for us. Although numerous research papers on wastewater pollution studies have been published, little research is being done in the iron and steel industry on wastewater treatment, especially with regard to the development of treatment systems. Another aspect of this research will be the reuse of water, sludge from various industries, etc.

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