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Environmentally Benign Novel Route for Congo Red Dye Degradation

M. Esther Leena Preethi


Dyes are the major water polluting chemical. In this study degradation of Congo red dye (azo dye) is investigated over metal containing catalyst. The present study is conducted using the abundantly available solar radiation. Ce-ZSM-5 and Co-ZSM-5 catalysts were prepared by ion exchange technique. Thus prepared efficacious catalyst Ce-ZSM-5 has been characterized using XRD, FTIR and TGA-DTG. Among the catalysts studied Ce-ZSM-5 showed 100 % abasement of the dye using the sunlight. The catalyst retained its activity when recycled and reused. pH effect is also studied for the Congo red degradation. Use of Ce-ZSM-5 as photocatalyst provides a novel method for the complete degradation of Congo red dye.

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