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A Review: Use of Arduino Board in Android for Home Appliances

Sudesh L. Farpat, Satish S. More, Shubham D. Takwale


This paper describes the Wireless Home Automation. In our day to life science plays an important role. The various devices make our life comfortable but we still feel there should be atomization provided in our home or industry. Due to fast development of technology, future communication and transmission are totally depends upon wireless network. Wireless communication in the term of wireless network design and management which upgrading the upcoming wireless communication technology over wide range. The main plan is to mechanically management and monitor electrical and electronic home appliances. Wireless technologies such as GSM, Wi-Fi, and Internet have been of great use in various sectors including industries which are dealing with the energy automation products. The wireless technologies give great flexibility in the operation and control of devices across a certain range depending on the technology that is being used. Home automation not only refers to reduce human efforts but also energy saving and time efficiency. The main objective of home automation and security is to help handicapped and old aged people who will enable them to control home appliances and alter then in critical situations. The design and prototype implementation of new Wi-Fi technology based monitoring and controlling the field equipment or machines using Phone, Tablet, Laptop or any Desktop PC Wi-Fi utility. It is very easy, reliable, secure, fast and wireless solution. The rapidly advancing mobile communication makes it possible to incorporate mobile technology into smart Home system. Smart Home system consist of mobile phone with android capabilities, an internet based application and home server. The present an innovative low cost design and implementation of automated control and home security together with the design of android application to enable the smart phone to send commands and receive alert through the server based system.

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