A Wearable Arm and Wrist Rehabilitation Exercise Device Equipped with Monitoring System for Post Stroke Rehabilitation

Rahul krishnan, Vanaja. S, S. Kalaivani, V. Subashini, H.S. Mugesh


An analysis of rehabilitation activity for paralyzed patient. Monitoring rehabilitation activity for post-stroke patients have increasingly common in hospitals and rehabilitation center worldwide. To develop home based and low cost device for post-stroke patients activity monitoring is challenging in rehabilitation engineering. Many technological devices have been developed like a Wearable Arm and Wrist Rehabilitation Exercise device equipped with monitoring system for post stroke rehabilitation were designed for and proposed.  In this article, we identify several functional activities of arm and wrist motoring defect is achieved by the exoskeleton system. This system is controlled by the Arduino UNO Microcontroller and the LCD is acting as monitoring unit. This allows investigating patterns of patient’s arm and wrist monitoring functional activity. These studies investigated the activation patterns in different experimental conditions such as water bottle take off, wrist stretching and grasp force. Furthermore, findings attained from this project may enable us to contribute towards the development of new arm rehabilitation monitoring device which can benefit human lives.

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