Embedded Phone Call Based Burglary Security Alert System

Odirichukwu, J.C.


The importance of security in our society cannot be overemphasised, as it drives economic growth. This research reviewed the problems associated with embedded alarm systems together with other embedded security system like SMS based security system. In this paper, Embedded Phone Call Burglary Security Alert System was developed which calls the house owner on detection of an intruder, so that adequate security measures may be taken to catch the burglar. It is implemented to be used with any kind of mobile phones. Also, adequate security measures can be taken by the appropriate agencies to apprehend the intruder/burglar. The system was built using Atmega32 microcontroller, GSM/GPRS modem, infra-red sensor and proximity sensors and Embedded Basic/programming. The proximity sensor is placed to sense the door and window entrance while the infrared is placed to have line of sight communication in order to capture intrusion from the ceilings. SIM900 Module is a cellular protocol that interoperates with a Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (UART) onboard communication protocol.

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