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Design and Implementation of Full Bridge Non-isolated DC-DC Bidirectional Converter Using Fuzzy logic

M.S. Kulkarni, Bhagyashri Rudragounda Patil, Saloni Arun Warake, Ankita Kalidas Bhandare, Nayan Vijay Patil, Priyanka Sanjay Shinde


With ever increasing benefits of non-renewable energy sources, the importance of energy storage system is increasing consistently. Power electronics converters are usually used to convert the power from renewable sources to match the load demand and grid requirements to improve dynamic and steady state characteristics of these green generation systems. Therefore, there is growing importance in bidirectional DC to DC converters for interface battery with energy sources. As DC to DC bidirectional converters can transfer the power between two DC sources in either direction, these converters are widely used in renewable energy hybrid power systems. Efficiency, economy and high conversion ratio are the some challenges in the development of DC to DC converters. For the low voltage range, non-isolated DC to DC converters are suitable also; they are fit for DC micro grid voltage levels.

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