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Design Approach for Better Agro-Markets in India

Ashish Choudhary, Ar. Nitesh Dogne, Manvendra Singh Thakur


India is known worldwide for agriculture as its major industry. Land area of arable land in our country is 159.7 million hectares (394.6 million acres) which is listed as the second largest of world, first is The United States. India is among the top global producers of many crops that includes wheat, cotton, pulses, rice, ground-nuts, fruits and vegetables. A major part of National economy depends on agriculture and jobs or businesses associated with it. It is a good fact that most of land of country contribute for this use but, however, farmers are not satisfied with the agro-market. Though being the major industry, people associated with it have to face many challenges in the markets of agriculture, mainly financially weak farmers. Among many challenges for farmers, poor conditions of Agro-Markets or Mandis in our country are one of major challenge. Being the main spot of business of these big industries, they shall be up-lifted. The aim of this research is to derive a design approach for Agro-Markets in our country, independent of what is the major crop of that particular area. Set of parameters, that how Agro-Markets should be designed will be listed at the end of paper.

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