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Evaluation-design & modification of A conventional Fan Assisted warmth Exchanger (Radiator)

Subramaniyan Raj, Rama iyer


The prevailing warmth exchangers/ radiators are rectangular in shape. However the air blown by using the fan is round in location, growing low velocity zones, excessive temperature areas inside the corners. Therefore temperature and pace readings are taken in all of the four corners at various locations. Its miles claimed that stagnation zones are created in the corners and subsequently can be removed and proposed that the circular radiators, if evolved, may be choicest for the development in efficiency. Experimentation has been achieved by using considering temperature and speed of air as variables, exhibits that low pace zones in conjunction with excessive temperature regions (low heat switch zones) are advanced as presumed within the corners. Substantial studies paintings have been executed on warmth exchangers with square or square form. But no big paintings have been done to date in case of latest proposed radiators. The proposed design reduces weight & improves the performance of the radiator. Because the weight is of foremost problem in nearly all motors, refrigerators and air-conditioning structures, the proposed design proves to be a milestone in those geographical regions. Due to discount of weight, the price of the device also reduces. Consequently an optimized product with progressed efficiency is evolved. Considering range of automobiles, refrigerators, and air-conditioners used at country wide and worldwide stage, this optimized design gives brilliant impact on any country’s economy in many methods.


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