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Automation in Snack Manufacture and Food Processing Items

Major. Dr. P. S. Raghavendran, Mr. R. Karthik Kumar, Mr. D. Sarathkumar


Small Scale Industries that produce snack and food products that provides significant contribution towards the economic development. But, they face lot many problems in functioning. Peanut Chikki is a traditional sweet made from peanut and jaggery. Our project aims at reducing being laborious and increase manufacturing peanut chikki. This project consists of three units: mixing, shaping and cutting. It uses a wiper motor, three geared DC motors, four 5V relays and two 12V relays, rack and pinion setup and a conveyor unit. Initially, peanut and jaggery are mixed together in a mixing unit. This makes use of a blender which is operated by means of a geared DC motor of 30 rpm. Then, the mixture is moved to the shaping unit by means of opening the valves whose operation is being controlled by means of another geared DC motor of 30 rpm. Once it reached the shaping unit, the shaped mixture which will be moving along the conveyor unit is to be cut into definite shape by means of the cutting unit. A 45 rpm DC geared motor is being used for cutting. In order to drive the conveyor unit, a 45 rpm wiper motor is being used. The entire process is controlled by means of arduino programming.

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