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Development in Ic Engine Using Alternative Fuel And Its Engine Performance And Emission (A Review)

Ranjini M D, Pooja G B, Bharath M N


In the present scenario, due to increase in population, over usage of vehicles and luxurious lifestyle, the rate of fuel consumption and its depletion rate has reached to the core. To overcome these problems, recently many research works has been conducted to use alternative fuel to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. The main aim is to increase the performance of the engine and reduce emission. It also improvises the economy of the world because the most of the alternative fuels is comparably lower than fossil fuels. Engine performance and emission can be also enhanced by using alternate methods like catalytic convertor and some modification in the engine. Some research work suggest that engine emission can be reduced by using ethanol blend, vegetable oil blend, compressed natural gas, hydrogen and methane blends etc. The overall motive of usage of alternative fuel is for the better working of Internal combustion engines.

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