So1ar Powered Unmanned Surface Vehic1e for Survei11ance

Adimurthy A, Manoj SY, Nisarga GS, Sandeep ., Mr. vinod kumar H


The unmanned surface vehic1e is more popu1ar because of its 1ow cost, f1exibi1ity and a1so it he1ps to reduce the danger to human beings. In this artic1e we describe measurement of environmenta1 monitoring app1ications using integrated sensors and a1so water ph. 1eve1, enemy monitoring using wire1ess camera. So1ar pane1 is used power the mode1. It can f1oat on the water and can a1so run on the surface of earth using servo motor. Using ESP8266 node MCU can send the data to c1oud.

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