Soil Structure Interaction of Framed Structure Supported on Non- Homogeneity of Soil Condition

Dr. A. Vijayakumar, R. Manojkumar, G. R. Seenivasan, K Revathi, C. Bharathi


Soil often exhibits non – homogeneity, due to this non – homogeneity, different settlement occurs. This cause changes in the moments and forces in the members of superstructure frames. The order of magnitude of these changes is not known. In this paper, plane frames with differential configuration have been analysed taking into account soil- structure interaction using Finite Element Method. For the present study soil having different stiffnesses in the right and left half below the structure is considered and the effect of this  non – homogeneity on superstructure forces having presented, for plane frames with number of bays varying from 3,5,7 and number of storeys 1to 6. The young’s modulus ratio of soil for right and left half has been varied from 1 to 7.5. To non – homogeneity of soil increases the forces in peripheral columns and beams, which were found to be already critical even for homogeneity soil condition. Hence, in general, it is concluded at non – homogeneity of soil increases the effect of soil interaction on the super structure forces.

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