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Groundwater Recharge Estimation- A Case Study in Chennai City

A. Jebamalar, Sowmya SK, Ravikumar G


As groundwater is most commonly used for domestic purposes in urban areas, it is being overused without any limit resulting in decline of groundwater levels. The groundwater levels can be improved by artificial recharge method such as Rainwater Harvesting (RWH). Rainwater harvesting is a procedure of group and storage of rainwater into ordinary reservoirs or it can be refreshed into sub surface aquifers. This study aims to assess the variation of groundwater levels during recent years (2011-2018) by using the data collected from “Chennai Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board”. Chennai city of Tamil Nadu is taken for study. The temporal and spatial distribution of water levels was studied. Change in storage and recharge for the study area is been calculated from the water level, specific yield and area of influence by using “Groundwater Estimation Committee (GEC) norms”.

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