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A Review on Environmental Sensors Used For Landslide Prediction And Detection

Niraj Prasad Bhatta, Dr. Thangadurai. N


Sensors are considered to be fastidious device that detects and responds to the various environmental situations like light, heat, motion, moisture, pressure, etc and commensurate into human readable display at the location or transmitted over a network for further processing. The fledgling and insurmountable problems that results as a consequence of landslide can be detected with the help of sensors. In order to get banish from portentous situations that occur in the environment which affects animate and inanimate settlements, sensors plays most significant role. Cessation of landslide is difficult dealing with the life of flora and fauna which are being annihilated as a result of landslide. Landslides creates precarious situation to the life of animate and inanimate things in the environment. It is a natural disaster so cessation of landslide is difficult. It disturbs the sedate pace of the cherished environment. Sensors are embellished with colorful illustrations of signals from the environment and convert it into human readable display. Sensors are considered to be essential devices as it deals with high sensitivity, less power consumption, linearity, less noise detection and disturbance. Sensors detect calamitous activities of the environment and help one and all for the frenetic pace of life. The tribulation faced by animate and inanimate settlements can be reduced. Therefore we can say that wireless sensor networks plays most significant role in concern with the environment and are considered to be most useful.


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