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Cooling water system in an industry – a case study

Gauri D. Pardhi, Rubina K. Sheikh, Nain M. Sayyed, Vaishnavi P. Tambekar, Dr. V.P. Thergaonkar


Industries in city-fringe areas have to use bore well samples in absence of surface sources. Ground water has different quality than that of surface water. One such industry at Nagpur periphery using aluminium rods as punch in thermocol casting  faced problems due to formation of deposits over the rods making them unusable.  Recirculating type cooling water system in the unit was critically examined and reasons for  incrustation were identified. Suggestions to minimize scale formation included  i) pH of operating system is maintained at 8.5 – 9.0, ii)Organic phosphorous compounds / synthetic polymers should be tried and iii) cooling tower blow down frequency should be based on velocity, maximum exit temperature, Ϫ T of cooling water. 

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