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A Study on the Performance and Evaluation of Waste Water Treatment Plant in Vijayawada

S. Naga Prashanth


A sewage treatment plant is the place where the domestic sewage comprising of organic and inorganic matter is treated by using various treatment methods. The present study is to evaluate the performance of sewage treatment plant located in Ajith Singh Nagar. It is a 40 MLD capacity treatment plant. Here, waste water samples are collected at different stages of treatment units and analyzed for evaluating major water quality parameters, such as Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Volatile Suspended Solids (VSS) and so on. The performance of each unit in treating the pollutants is calculated. Overall performance of the plant is estimated. The obtained results are very much useful in knowing the Importance of sewage treatment plants and the steps to be followed in the construction of more efficient sewage treatment plants for future usage.

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