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V. Naveen Kumar, S. Marutharaj, M. Pon Kumaran, C. Prabhu, R. Chithradevi


As our main aim is to treat waste water using natural coagulant. We had a detailed study on natural plants and their properties. We are having the intention of achieving a natural coagulant of low market price to treat waste water. Waste water is a substance which is very vital in all areas including agricultural, industrial, household and environmental activities. The amount of coagulant that was added to the water sample is an important factor to destabilize colloidal particles in a given water sample. In this case we use the waste products mainly plants which are not utilized by the environment. With help of the solution made through our coagulant, we can separate the fresh water and solid particle in the waste water. The settling time and amount of solid will be faster and higher while mixing our solution. The filtered water can be used for domestic purposes. Both sewage water and polluted water can be treated by our solution.


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