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Determination of NO-3 (Nitrate) Solutions with Ion Selective Electrode (ISE), in the Presence of Cl- (Chloride) and F- (Fluoride) Ions

Badruduja Bhuiya


The Ion selective electrodes (ISE) are membrane electrodes that response selectivity of ion in presence of others in liquid solution. The most common ISE is pH, which is useful to measure sample ion solution of nitrate, chloride and fluoride’s. There are several advantages, first they are easier to setup to make analysis to low and capable to read mill volts. To begin with, experimental Ion selective electrode (ISE) is allowed to measure voltage in order to determine the concentration of NO-3, in presence of Cl- , F- ions in distills water. Reliability of the electrode is evaluated by measuring the nitrate concentration by the results showed good agreement between the values of Nernstian measurement voltage and Ion selective electrode measurement voltage. The concentration of NO-3, ion measurement voltage is realized by the calibration curve, which is a useful tool to determine selectivity coefficient among measurement ions.


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