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Strategies to Combat Nosocomial Infection in Neonatal Intensive Care

Rangappa S Ashi, Sheryl Fernandes


Newborn care is the most essential component to be observed in reducing the morbidity and mortality rates. The nature and complexity of childbirth provide many opportunities for infection to be introduced to the mother, newborn, and healthcare workers. Healthcare-associated infections are a great area of concern in newborns admitted in the neonatal intensive care unit, especially the low birth weight babies. Every year more than 20 million infants are born weighing less than 2.5 kg and are more prone to infections. Effective infection control strategies should be taken place to prevent the proliferation of infection. A multidisciplinary approach comprising neonatologists, hospital administrators, nursing residents and staff, paramedics, etc should participate in the prevention of neonatal sepsis. A strict hand washing policy, strict aseptic measures, early feeding, and minimizing antibiotic exposure must be promoted.

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